Table of Contents

A Strange From of Sovereignty
Enclosure and Disclosure
The Portability of Value
Summary of Chapters

1) NGOs, Ecotourists, and Endangered Avifauna
Early Scientific Expedition
Other Interventions as an NGO
Early Days of Ecotourism
Beautiful Simplicity
Ecotourism in Alta Verapaz
Environs and Employees of the Ecotourism Project
Priming the Ecotourism Experience
Being an Ecotourist
Standards and Singularities
Immaterial Labor, Incommensurate Values, and Intersubjective Intentions

2) A Mayan Ontology of Poultry
Birds as Emblems of Eras and Identitie
Frames of Values
A Brief History of Loan Words and Loan Birds
Taxonomies of Denotational and Connotational Domains
Chickens as Addressees and Affines
Ontologies Disclosed in the Midst of Discursive Disruptions
Social Relations Mediated by Chickens
Brooding Hens, Tabooed Acts, Corporate Units of Accountability
Reason, Desire, and Domestic Animals
Chickens and Children
Signs of Fear, Cowardice, Anxiety, and Gender
Ride of the Chicken Hawks, Effervescence of a Community

3) From Reciprocation to Replacement
Apples and Oranges, Coffee and Corn
Becoming Use Value
Modes of Replacement
Earthenware Griddles and Metal Griddles
Comparing Men, Boys, Women, and Money
Potentia and Personhood
Sufficiency, Subjectivity, and Substitutibility
Entities, Qualities, Quantities, and Necessities
'The Most Prophetic Pointer Ever Made in the Realm of Social Science'
Qualia, Quantia, and Equalia

4) From Measurement to Meaning
High-Quality but Uninhabitable Homes
Capacitation and Commensuration
The NGO Gauges and Grades its Own Interventions
Standardization, Certification, Internalization
Techniques of Measurement
Grading Homes
Grading People
Gender Hierarchies and Age Grades
Precision and Decoration of Homes, Parasites and Hosts
From Contract to Status
Value and Meaning Revisited
An Epilogue of Sorts

Paths, Portability, and Parasites
Going Awry, Leading Astray
Frame, Failure, Function
Topologies of (and in) Transformation
Some Paths to and through Chicacnab
Portability Revisited
Overtakings and Undertakings